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Christmas Ornament Pendants by silverbeam

These are adorable! I particularly like the star vials - I guess it's because they're more symbolic of Christmas than the round flasks are. It's also a lot easier to understand what's going on in the vial with the star-shaped ones.
The glitter and sand art idea was really good and I think it worked beautifully with the blue glitter one, it reminds me of snow and sleigh bells. The sand you used for the stripey could maybe do with a bit of improvement, maybe you purposefully made the green stripe bigger, but it looks unbalanced, especially with the yellow sand at the bottom as well.
I love making origami stars in my spare time and that glittery paper you used is so cool! The yellow and white star vial is nice, but I feel as if the colours in the green and red one are too different: I know they're Christmas colours and you're trying to get into the spirit of the season, but green and red are complementary colours and although eye-catching, it's a bit jarring on the eyes.

My only worries about these ornaments is that they look a bit heavy: would they hang well on the Christmas tree? And as a necklace or pendant - they're pretty, but the bells and ribbons would get in the way, not to mention the weight and the size. They're a bit impractical for that.
Despite all that, overall I think they're wonderful, and perfect trinkets to give for the Christmas season :)
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